Board Members

David Reiten

President Reiten Television Co., Chairman of Norsk Hostfest Association and Høstfest-Heritage Foundation Boards of Directors

The gifts of time and talent from the volunteers of Norsk Høstfest and the Scandinavian Heritage Park can never be thanked enough. We truly appreciate your inspiration and dedication. The Høstfest-Heritage Foundation provides the opportunity for all of us to build on this legacy of community and to help ensure that our heritage and our values will be alive for future generations.


Dennis Helgeson

Retired owner Helgeson Insurance Agency

It’s been my good fortune to work at the Norsk Hostfest in some capacity since it’s inception some 37 years ago. It’s no secret that the Hostfest is one of the outstanding fall festivals in the country. The Foundation provides the opportunity for all of us, volunteer or attendee, to help build a strong financial base to sustain this wonderful tradition for years to come.


Karen Kresbach

North Dakota State Senator, Member of Norsk Høstfest Association Board of Directors

Deloris Slaaten 1

Doris Slaaten

Retired Minot State University Business Professor, Member of the Scandinavian Heritage Association Board of Directors

The Høstfest-Heritage Foundation works for the whole Scandinavian community. The Foundation directly supports our Scandinavian heritage and culture helping our Scandinavian themed festival and park to grow, prosper and progress. We extend an open invitation asking everyone to invest a little of their financial resources so that our Scandinavian values of yesterday and today are alive for the generations of tomorrow.

Wally Hankla 4

Wally Hankla
Retired attorney (McGee, Hankla, and Backes law firm in Minot, ND), Member of Norsk Høstfest Association Board of Directors.

I feel the role of the Foundation is to secure the future of Norsk Hostfest and of the Scandinavian Heritage Association, whose purposes are to preserve and maintain the ethnicity and pride of Scandinavian heritage. The Foundation serves as a catalyst for both Associations to market and promote their efforts.


Jim Maragos 1

James Maragos

Retired owner of Minot Holiday Inn, Member of Norsk Høstfest Association Board of Directors

The Norsk Høstfest and the Scandinavian Heritage Park have established themselves as focal points of cultural and community pride. Together they make Minot the Scandinavian Center of the US. The Høstfest-Heritage Foundation represents our vision and ongoing effort to preserve our heritage and in the process help future generations understand and celebrate what makes them special.

Everett Nels Olson

Retired ND District Court Judge, Member of Scandinavian Heritage Association Board of Directors

I believe in collaboration. The Høstfest-Heritage Foundation provides an opportunity for Scandinavian Heritage Association and the Hostfest to work as partners in the preservation and sharing of Scandinavian heritage in the Minot community.

Gail Peterson

President of the Scandinavian Heritage Association

Duane Tollefson

Retired Minot business owner, Tollefson’s Retail, Slumberland, Carpetland and Carpet Garage, Founding member of the Norsk Høstfest Association

The Høstfest-Heritage Foundation mission is about more than fundraising. Yes, HHF is committed to making sure Norsk Høstfest and the Scandinavian Heritage Association are fiscally sound. But our vision for the future mission seeks to connect people, develop long-term loyalty and a sense of ownership inspiring people of all backgrounds to celebrate their tradition. HHF truly represent a great opportunity for each of us to ensure our Scandinavian heritage will be shared with generations to come.

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