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Ritchie Houge

Ritch Houge joined the HHF in May 2014 as its first executive officer. A native of Minot, Ritch grew up just blocks from the Scandinavian Heritage Park. After graduating from the University of North Dakota Law School, Ritch worked for the Eaton Law Firm in Minot before beginning a 30 year career in fund development serving as Development Director of the Bishop Ryan High School Foundation in the ‘80’s and gaining experience in fundraising and gift planning in health care and regional nonprofits in Kansas, Minnesota and Tennessee.

“I have spent a career connecting outstanding programs and missions with people who want to make a difference through their gifts of time, talent and treasures. I believe the Høstfest-Heritage Foundation represents the vision, desire and commitment necessary for our Scandinavian heritage to come alive and make our community a better place to live, work and visit.”

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